Welcome to the fruit tree and soft fruit section.

Please click on the common name of the plant to bring down a list of varieties of fruit tree and soft fruit we have in stock.

We offer a wide range of fruit trees and soft fruit bushes throughout the year. From November to March we offer bare-root fruit trees either as one-year-maidens which have had no formulative pruning through to bush trees, half standards, and straight lead trees. All year round we offer fruit trees in 12 litre containers trained as bush trees, step-over's, espaliers, fans, and half standards.

From November to March we offer soft fruit bushes in pre-packs, from April to October we offer soft fruit bushes in 3 litre containers.

Soft fruit bushes are available through mail order, they are sent out by overnight courier. Plants can be sent out to arrive with you on a particular weekday or if you are not in the parcel will be left at a prearranged location. Delivery charges to mainland UK (delivery charges increase outside mainland UK) are 10% of the value of the order, however there is a minimum charge of £15.00. We do not post out our fruit trees.