Nectarines can be grown as a bush tree in warm, sheltered areas, in other areas nectarines are best grown as a fan-trained tree on a south facing or a west facing wall.

Nectarines are a smooth-skinned form of peach, they are slightly smaller and sweeter than a peach.

Nectarines flower early so they require protection from frost. Nectarines grow best in slightly acid (pH 6.5-7), deep, fertile, well-drained soil which has good moisture retention, lighter soils can be improved by adding organic matter to help with moisture retention.


Rootstocks in order of their vigour are outlined below: -

Pixy - Dwarf. An ideal rootstock for the smaller garden. It needs to be grown in fertile and weed-free soil. It will reach a height of 2.4-3m. Trees grown on this rootstock will bear fruit within 3 years. Use for dwarf bushes, dwarf pyramids, and small fans.

St. Julian A - Semi-Vigorous. A good rootstock for most soils. Trees grown on this rootstock will reach a height of 3-3.5m. Trees grown on this rootstock will bear fruit within 4-5 years. Use for bushes, half-standards, and fans.


Nectarines are available as bare-root one-year-maidens from November to March. Trained forms of Nectarines are available in 12 litre pots all-year-round.

Nectarine 'Humbolt'

Dessert. Large fruit which has bright orange yellow skin which is stained, streaked, and mottled with very dark crimson. The orange flesh is very tender and juicy, and richly flavoured. Freestone. Its season of use is late August. (Rivers of Sawbridgeworth) Self Fertile

Nectarine 'Lord Napier'

Dessert. Large fruit which has pale, cream-coloured skin which is mottled and streaked with deep blood red, where fully exposed to the sun there is a very dark crimson cheek. The very white flesh is melting, tender, juicy, with a rich flavour. Freestone. Its season of use is early August. (Rivers of Sawbridgeworth 1860) Self Fertile

Containerised Trees

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Bare Root Trees

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