Cornus sanguinea

Common Dogwood. An upright, deciduous shrub which has reddish green, sometimes entirely green stems. It has mid-green leaves which turn red in autumn. White flowers are borne in summer which are followed by round, dull blue-black fruits.

Can be grown in a wide range of soil conditions and locations but to get the best colour out of the stems it is best grown in full sun. It will reach a height and spread of 3m and once established will have an average annual growth of 45cm.


60-80cm (3 Litre) £7.50 each (inc. VAT)

60-80cm (3 Litre) £72.50 per 10 (inc. VAT)

Bare Root

40-60cm (1+0) £0.80 each (inc VAT)

40-60cm (1+0) £6.00 per 10 (inc VAT)

40-60cm (1+0) £50.00 per 100 (inc VAT)