Taxus baccata

Taxus baccata

Yew. A broadly conical tree which has spreading, horizontal branches and scaly, purple-brown bark. The leaves are glossy, dark green which are paler underneath. Red berries are borne which have a black seed in the centre.

Grow in any well-drained, fertile soil which includes chalk or acid soils, in sun or deep shade. It will form a hedge from 30cm tall and once established will have an average annual growth of 15-25cm.


40-60cm (3L) £6.00 each (inc. VAT)

40-60cm (3L) £57.50 per 10 (inc. VAT)

40-60cm (3L) £550.00 per 100 (inc. VAT)

Bare Root

30-40cm (2+2) £4.00 each (inc. VAT)

30-40cm (2+2) £30.00 per 10 (inc. VAT)

30-40cm (2+2) £250.00 per 100 (inc. VAT)